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Our Mission Statement

Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin is a non-profit theater company that brings professional-level performing arts to Dunedin and the Tampa Bay area.  Progressive Arts is on a mission to provide Dunedin with top-level entertainment for all ages, including professional, pre-professional, and young performers with a dedicated focus on inclusivity. ProArts is committed to enriching and entertaining audiences, fostering communication, teamwork and critical-thinking skills among the young children, teens and adults in the professional and pre-professional programs. ProArts encourages growth, freedom of expression, imagination and inspires our artists to push their art to a new level.


Diversity Statement

Progressive Arts Theater promotes diversity, equity and inclusion for all. ProArts provides access to the economically disadvantaged, individuals of all abilities, those who want to grow artistically, those who want to explore theater and those who want to pursue a professional career in theatre. At ProArts, all are welcome.

Progressive Arts Theater wants to ensure every local child, teen, or adult has access to theater and the ability to be a life long participant in the various facets of theater. ProArts has a commitment to the community. Through the years, ProArts' actors, singers, and dancers give back to the community by volunteering as performers at numerous community events which will be an ongoing commitment. As ProArts grows as a nonprofit, the theater company will be utilizing local playwrights to further encompass artists in our community.

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Progressive Arts loves having high school students volunteer at events, in class, or during summer camps. All hours catalogued with Progressive Arts are accepted at high schools for graduation and scholarships.

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