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Two leading performers hugging after Heathers 101 performance

Mission Statement


Progressive Arts Theater of Dunedin is a non-profit theater company that brings professional-level performing arts to Dunedin and the Tampa Bay area.  Progressive Arts is on a mission to provide Dunedin with top-level entertainment for all ages, including professional, pre-professional, and young performers with a dedicated focus on inclusivity. ProArts is committed to enriching and entertaining audiences, fostering communication, teamwork and critical-thinking skills among the young children, teens and adults in the professional and pre-professional programs. ProArts encourages growth, freedom of expression, imagination and inspires our artists to push their art to a new level.


Diversity Statement


Progressive Arts Theater promotes diversity, equity and inclusion for all. ProArts provides access to the economically disadvantaged, individuals of all abilities, those who want to grow artistically, those who want to explore theater and those who want to pursue a professional career in theatre. At ProArts, all are welcome.

Mission Statement

Progressive Arts Theater wants to ensure every local child, teen, or adult has access to theater and the ability to be a life long participant in the various facets of theater. ProArts has a commitment to the community. Through the years, ProArts' actors, singers, and dancers give back to the community by volunteering as performers at numerous community events which will be an ongoing commitment. As ProArts grows as a nonprofit, the theater company will be utilizing local playwrights to further encompass artists in our community.

Mission: About


Mission: Testimonial

"Progressive Arts is the best thing that has ever happened to Jayde! Not only has she built confidence, she has also learned amazing skills to carry her through life. By age 3, Kirsten already has her acting, singing and playing scales on the piano. Jayde LOVES going to class each week and enjoys performing in the shows most of all!"

Julia Peterson (Progressive Arts family)


"Not only is Kirsten an amazing performer and teacher, but also an amazing role model who firmly believes in giving back to the community and every aspect of her company reflects this. Alongside growing as a performer, you grow as a person while forging lifelong, deep bonds with all types of people here at Progressive Arts."

Ashton Sarlo (Artistic Director)


"I have worked closely with Kirsten and ProArts since I opened my Kids Spa in 2015. She has provided me top notch talent for the "Character and Entertainment service" we offer the Tampa Bay Area. I can always trust that her students are professional and has been trained to be amazing voice and theater actors/actresses. 

Additionally, and on a personal level, I signed my two children (ages 5&7) up for the ProArts summer camp last year for the Peter Pan [the Musical and Friends] performance and was completely amazed at the outcome! After only one week of camp, the kids performed an outstanding show! I couldn't believe they could learn that much in only one week!!!

ProArts is the BEST!! We are very fortunate to have such a high quality voice and theater coach in our community!"

Wendy Long (owner of LaDee-Da Kids Spa)

"Ms. Kirsten and Progressive Arts have really helped our Taylor find true confidence in performing, memorizing songs and choreography, and a real passion and inner drive to continue to improve at a young age.

Progressive Arts is a family of talented performers at all ages led by Kirsten Stiff-Walker who is inspiring as a leader and a truly talented and wonderful person.

Being a part of the Progressive Arts family is exciting year round for our entire family. We look forward to Taylor being a part of the program for many years to come, and being a part of the 'Littles' program has prepared her with a solid foundation for being comfortable and talented on the stage all the while looking forward to every week, camp, and special event with the program. We couldn't be happier with this program and Ms. Kirsten!"

"Kirsten is extremely passionate about the program, students and families that she works with. I like how tapped into the community she is. She strives to bring out the best in our kids. Taylor loves Progressive Arts and I am amazed at how far she has come. When Taylor first started, I had to beg her just to sing in front of me. She now has no problem on stage singing in front of a large audience."

Marc & Tara Crumpton (Progressive Arts family)

"Kirsten started teaching me after I had recently graduated from high school. She taught me how to expand my [vocal] range while also teaching me to separate between a choir voice and a show voice. She was always so incredibly accommodating to my schedule considering I had a job and was a full-time college student.

She is a great teacher that wants nothing more than to watch her students succeed and put on the best shows possible for their audiences."

Casey Jones (former student)

"I've known Kirsten for nearly 10 years, and in that time I've come to know how incredible, compassionate, and earnest she is in every aspect of her life. She strives for perfection for her students and audiences.

Progressive Arts has been a home for me for many years. It has been a pleasure and a true blessing to be able to work with Kirsten and Progressive Arts. No student, no part, no performance is too small. 

The work Kirsten and Progressive Arts produces is unparalleled to elsewhere in the county. I can't imagine another company I would have liked to work with for so long."

Kara Condie (former volunteer/intern)

"Kirsten is without a doubt one of the best instructors I've ever had. She is more than qualified for her job, not only because of her experiences but because she is in a constant state of growth herself. She is consistently creating and finding new methods and techniques for several branches of the performing arts-acting, singing, dancing, theater, etc.

I was lucky enough to have her train me in voice, acting, and dancing to prepare me for college auditions. With her help, I landed at my dream school, the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City. Even after going off to college, graduating, and booking jobs here, she remains my mentor. 

Kirsten provides an environment that feels safe and welcoming, allowing you to truly progress in your craft. She truly listens to every concern and gives back honest and helpful feedback. I have yet to meet someone who cares about what they do as much as Kristen. I am forever grateful for her."

Aida Aminpour (former student, AMDA graduate, professional performer in NYC)

Mission: Testimonial
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